The Nepalese Rupee is the currency of Nepal. The currency code for Rupees is NPR.

1 NPR is 100 Paisa – But when we were in Nepal we did not see any Paisa – 100 NPR is today (April 2017) almost the same as 9 Euros.

On the Nepalese banknotes you can see Nepalese animals from the four climate zones.
The Telegraph, a British newspaper, listed in March 2017 21 different currencies of the world as 'The World's Most Beautiful Currencies' on its website.
Among the total 21 different currencies, three Nepali currency notes and one Nepali coin made it to the list.

Task (alone or in pairs):
Chose the the banknote you find most beautiful and explain why to the class.

Make your own banknote (alone or in a group) - Be inspired by the Nepalese bank notes.
Show the banknote in class and talk about your bank note.