Celebrating your birthday in Nepal
Samir and children in Nepal celebrate according to the Lunar Calendar. Samir´s real birth date is celebrated on the second day after Shree Panchami each year.
This year it was on the 24th January according to Gregorian calendar, which is used in the Western Culture.
Nowadays, school children celebrate birthdays in school by offering candy or small pieces of cake to classmates according to western culture.

Traditionally, birthdays in Nepal are celebrated with distinct rituals. The birthday-boy/girl man/woman is supposed to be religious that day. This means:
Early in the morning take a bath/wash up and go to the nearby temple to worship the god/goddess.
At home the birthday-man/woman is worshipped and offered tika, flowers and blessing by the eldest in the family.
At the same time, the birthday boy/girl/man/woman also worships land, air and space.
At birthdays, guests are offered boiled egg, fish and some drinks along with other dishes.
Some families also offer gifts.
Most of the families in Bhaktapur offer fruits and beaten rice with curd to the neighbors or pople passing by in front of the house.
Kilde: Surya Prajapati