In short:

The Newar marriage is completed after many rituals.

In former days arranged marriages were the custom, but now many couples start out being sweethearts. The man and the woman´s horoscopes are checked to see if they match well or not.

If both the parents and astrologer agree, then a confirmation ceremony is organized with several presentations of gifts, sweets, areca nut (supari) and fruits which are sent to the brides’s parents from the grooms’s parents.

Then the date is fixed in consultation with the astrologer.

On the wedding day the bridegroom’s family organizes a procession.

The bridegroom usually stays back at home

The bride is welcomed at the main gate by the mother-in-law. She washes the bride’s feet with holy water, gives her the bunch of keys, and takes her inside the house.

Inside, the priest completes the ritual.

The ceremony ends with the bride and bridegroom eating the ritual food from the same plate.

In the evening a feast is organized where all invited enjoy the feast.

The next day the new bride is formally received in the kitchen.