My name is Samir

Dear ____

My name is Samir and I live in Bhaktapur Nepal. I am almost 10 years old.

I live in a new house with my mother and father, brother and sister. The house is not yet finished. We build when my parents have money for building materials. Our old house was badly damaged in the earthquakes in 2015.  We cannot live there anymore.

My sister is getting married. After the wedding, she will move to her husband´s family house.
I live very close to my school. Bal Vikash English Secondary School is the name of my school.

My best friend is Animassi – here we are on our way home together with two of our school mates.
Animassi and I like to play football. We do it as often as we can. But first I must do my homework and help my mother and father.

Hope to hear from you.

1: Watch the film and answer the following questions:

1: What did you see?

2. How is Samir´s day different to your day?

3. What is the same?

4. Write a letter to Samir telling him about yourself, your family and your friends. Find or take a photograph of yourself – maybe on your way to school.

First find words you can use together with your class and write them on the board – Use the template here to write your letter