The Call of Nepal

“The Call of Nepal” was made by Jonas Unmack Larsen og Mikkel Cantzler Christensen (Danidas Verdensfilm 2011) and financed by Danidas Oplysningsbevilling.

“The Call of Nepal” is a documentary in which the main subject is mobile phones.
A documentary is film about real things.

Prabin, a young man, tells his story.
By watching “The Call of Nepal” we can learn more about Nepal.
The documentary was filmed in 2011

Watch the film and stop as marked below and answer the questions one by one.
Let the children hear the questions before watching the clip.

Watch the film at EMU here :  

  1. Find differences between Nepal and Denmark.

00.00- 00.22


2. What do you learn about the mobile phone and Nepal?
Describe the shops and the traffic and how people are dressed.

    1. Facts:
      Spice – a mobile phone for 3800 rupees on sale (250 kr.) and a prepaid card for only 50 Rupees.
      Income in Nepal for employees (2016) $ 60 (370 kr.) But many people earn less

00.22- 02.22

3. In Nepal people are religious. Most people are Hindus or Buddhists.
What do the people in this clip use their mobiles for?


4. “Call Kantipur” is Prabin’s favorite tv-show. What is this actual show about?

What question does the host ask the viewers?


5.  Until 2017 there were many power cuts in the cities and towns.
How did the children use the mobile?


6. Do people in the mountains have mobile phones?
What is the biggest problem for the mountain people?
(since 2011 many mountain people have solar energy. It means that they can charger their mobiles.)


7. What is Prabin’s problem?
Prabin lives with his mother. Why do you think he does that?
(in Nepal most young people live with their family till they get married. After the wedding, the woman will live with the husband’s family.)
Discuss pro and cons about this.


8. Why does the man have two phones?


9. Where does Prabin work?
Prabin earns 150 Rupees a week (ca. 10 kr.)
Can he keep the money to himself?
Why does Prabin want a mobile phone?


10. Where does the boy work? Do you think he goes to school?
(Children are supposed to school, but poor people need the children to help out).


11. This film clip is from “Call Kandipur”.
In Nepal children learn English and Nepali. Listen carefully. Do you understand the Nepali sentences? Do you understand the English sentences?


12. Describe the place where the man and his family are working:


13. Prabin is finally shopping for his phone. Where does he go?
Do you think he gets a mobile?


14. Prabin calls “Call Kantipur”. What do you think he says to the host?


Questions for the class:
How many of you have a Mobile?
What do you use it for?


You can watch the whole documentary. Maybe the following day – and talk about how it was to watch a film in the way you did. If you watch it one more time, we believe the children will see new things.
You can also watch ”bagom-filmen” and discuss “Faction” as the two producers describe it.