Natural region of Nepal

Nepal is located on the continent of Asia. It is surrounded by India to the east, west and south. To the north the country is linked with Tibet which is an autonomous part of China. The total area of Nepal is 147.181 km² – Denmark is 42.924 km². From west to east the country is about 885 kilometers long and the average from north to south is around 193 kilometers.

Most of Nepal is covered by hills and mountains. Nepal is roughly divided into three regions:

  1. Mountain region
  2. Hill region
  3. Terai region

Facts box:
autonomous: having the freedom to control one’s own affairs

  1. Mountaian region:
    The northern part of Nepal is covered by tall mountain ranges. Here you will find the highest mountains in the world. This area has a cold climate throughout the year and large snowfall in winter.
  2. Hill region:
    The Hill region lies in the middle part of the country. This region stretches from east to west and it is in this area you will find Kathmandu and Bhaktapur where Samir lives with his family. It has a moderate climaite, neither too hot or too cold. 68 % of the land area of Nepal is covered by this region.
  3. Terai region:
    The Terai region is in the south of Nepal. This region is made by deposition of rivers that come from the hills and mountains which makes it very fertile. In this area the climate is hot.


Look at the map here and try to find the different regions of Nepal.