Class 5

There are 52 pupils in Class 5. The class is divided into two groups, because the classrooms are very small.
In Nepal pupils are tested alot. According to the results the pupils get a ROLE NUMBER (number in class). Samir is number 26 out of 52. Samir is in the class with even numbers.
Right from 1st Grade the pupils get a role number based on how well they do in tests.
Samir has eight final exams in the end of March. Most tests are written tests.
The pupils are very good and fast when they write. Samir does not use a computer or an Ipad. They are too expensive for the school or parents to buy.

Watch the movie.
Now the teacher reads the names of the childrenfrom the attendance register. When a pupil is mentioned, he or she must stand up and say: “Yes sir/Mam”. If someone is not in class, the others will say: absent.

The class also have a star board. Here you can see Samir as number 26.

On the wall is a poster. The poster reminds the pupils that they are something: Writers, scientists, readers, friends, loved ones and so on.

Children go to school six days a week. They have Saturday off.